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ON.NL is a mobile appointment management system where service providers open an account with the system and it generates a custom mobile application for individual providers. The mobile application can be then distributed among their clients (OTA install via SMS) so that they can check available appointments with provider and make a reservation from within the mobile application. In other words application here works as a template with custom branding for individual service providers and they can promote/distribute the application as their own tool instead of having a system designed from scratch. Needless to say, it offers them a robust architecture on SAAS model which is far more economic and effective.

This functional design describes the mobile application of (
(Online bookings). Suppliers (i.e. restaurants, barbers, etc.) invite customers to download a
mobile application to their cell phone. The application allows the customer to book an
appointment or reservation with the respective supplier. The supplier opens an account at where he can open timeslots for online bookings. The invitation is send by sms. The
sms contains a download link. The application is able to show a logo of the supplier.