Products - Time Machine
Products - Time Machine

Time Machine

Time machine is a comprehensive software solution for fingerprint based time management in offices, industries and corporate set-ups. Easy installation, flexible reporting with integration to email and various customization options make it an ideal office automation tool for time management and attendance tracking purposes.

The software uses a standard USB fingerprint reader connected to your PC and turns it into an advanced attendance management system. Admin can choose to start it up automatically in full screen mode which will disable any keyboard or mouse shortcuts (alt + tab, ctrl + esc, task manager etc.) so that users can not access other options to tamper settings, date or time.

Furthermore, apart from on screen reports, admin can create a schedule to deliver the reports in the email of individual users and admin accounts. For example admin can choose to send daily report of individual employees to their mail address, and a daily report of all employees to an admin account. Similar schedule can be made for other reports like weekly summary, month wise statements etc.

Application helps the management in reducing administrative costs and improves resource allocation strategies. The advanced fingerprint recognition system enables quick and accurate identity matching and thus eliminate buddy punching. This can be integrated with existing payroll processing software and is able to give reports of overtime/docking of non-exempt employees


Features –

1)Р’В Р’В  Р’В Office desktop standalone system, easy installation and simple operation.
2)Р’В Р’В  Р’В Works with a variety of finger print readers Р’В 
3)Р’В Р’В  Р’В Eliminates buddy punching
4)Р’В Р’В  Р’В Email delivery of reports
5)Р’В Р’В  Р’В Flexible report layout and delivery schedules
6)Р’В Р’В  Р’В Advanced Excel reports, right in your mailbox (Hyperlinks to check summary from within Excel, without needing the desktop application.
7)Р’В Р’В  Р’В Option to disable keyboard shortcuts to prevent unauthorized users from tampering the settings.
8)Р’В Р’В  Р’В Color coding in reports for overtime, below expected and other indications.
9)Р’В Р’В  Р’В Leave provisioning in case an employee is working on a holiday.
10)Р’В  Touch Screen compatible
11)Р’В  Modern vista like look and feel.

System Requirements -

1)Р’В Р’В  Р’В PC with Celeron or higher processor, 512 MB RAM, 50 MB Hard Disk space
2)Р’В Р’В  Р’В Windows XP or above
3)Р’В Р’В  Р’В USB Fingerprint Reader (Can be ordered with software)

Compatible Fingerprint Readers -

1)Р’В Р’В  Р’В Microsoft
2)Р’В Р’В  Р’В Digital Persona
3)Р’В Р’В  Р’В Secugen
4)Р’В Р’В  Р’В Geomok

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