Products - Easy Dial Pro Beta
Products - Easy Dial Pro Beta
Easy Dial Pro Beta
Change Log in version 1.2

Much more than your regular dialer - T9 dialer and advanced call log for Android

Easy Dial Pro is an advanced dialer and call logger for Android 1.0 and 1.5 based phones. The application tries to overcome the usability problems in the default applications provided by Android for this purpose. Application offers all of the standard features in default dialer & call log with much more in a user friendly and efficient way.

Easy Dial Pro will let you dial a contact or individual number with the ease of T9 search on your regular number based keypad. Application can get integrated with the default call button and pressing the button then after will directly open the Easy Dial Pro window. To dial a number, just start typing the first few letters of the contact name and it will search for the matching records in the contacts database. If no record is found, it will let you dial the individual number from the same window. The notes associated with individual contacts are also displayed on the same screen.

Application also allows the users to create text messages or emails directly from the dialer screen. Thus eliminating the extra steps to open the respective application, choose the contact and so on.




Application maintains its own call log which overcomes various usability issues in the default call log application. A significant improvement is call grouping. The default call log creates a new entry for each and every call, be it from the same number. Like if you dialed 123 for 100 times, it will appear in call log for 100 times. Easy Dial Pro fixes this problem by offering a call grouping mechanism. Here, each number will appear only once in call log and then clicking on the entry will open the history of the calls for the selected numbers from this, it also offers a summary of total calls with duration (in, out and missed) on the same screen. An advanced search mechanism is also provided apart from standard filters for incoming, outgoing and missed calls.

Change Log in version 1.2 –


• Improved speed - Reworked search logic with improved speed
• Clear Missed call notification - Call log now clears missed call alerts
• Context menu on various lists to perform desired tasks
• Auto Focus on first record after list scroll
• Audible key tones (user defined setting)
• Deleting records from call log will delete the records from default call log as well (user defined setting)
• Changed logic to add numbers to call log. This will improve speed and all the more accurate.
• Some bug fixes - Few of the bugs as reported in XDA forum and emails have been fixed.


Change Log in version 1.1 –

• Partial implementation of HTC Smart Dialer – From the dialer, user can search for unknown numbers in call log (which are not in contacts)
• Separate icon for call log and dialer – User can directly open the call log from the dedicated icon
• Minimize the keypad to see full screen list view
• Auto Minimize keypad (user defined setting in preferences)
• Scroll Tab in the lists to scroll quickly
• Most frequent callers list – auto generated list for most frequent callers (User can choose the period and number of results)
• Updated Theme – Thanks to Brian Mathews
• See last call info. in dialer screen
• Enhanced preferences – Choose order of dialer screen list – contacts first/unknown numbers first, include call log numbers or not.
• Some bug fixes and other fine tuning.


Dialer Features

• T9 Search from the standard number pad.
• Fast search without any lagging between the dialing actions.
• Check notes associated with contacts on the same screen.
• Ability to dial multiple numbers associated with contacts from the same screen (Use horizontal swipe or scroll track ball to switch through numbers).
• SMS or Email a contact directly from the dialer screen
• View contact cards or call history directly from the dialer screen.
• Customizable options for fonts, search criteria, button actions and so on

Call Log Features

• Advanced call log with grouping. No more multiple instances of the same record in call log.
• No maximum limit for number of entries in call log.
• View complete history of a log entry with summary of different call types.
• Integrated Search feature in call log. No need to scroll through the long list of call records to find a desired entry.
• Delete single or all instances of a record from the call log.
• Ability to delete all entries prior to a certain record.

Coming Soon

• Integrate Favorites.
• From the dialer screen, ability to search last dialed numbers along with contact search. Similar to HTC Smart Dialer.
• Higher degree of customization.
• Improved skin with more appealing UI.
• When in call log, ability to mark certain records as protected so that delete action does not remove those records.
• Long press on 1 to dial the voicemail.
• Add full-fledged tab for contacts which will overcome the default contacts issues. Like missing numbers beneath the names.