Technical expertise

Our core expertise is with the latest mobile technologies and we are offering our services for almost all of the popular modern day mobile platforms. However, we undertake web and desktop projects with equal enthusiasm and have a very strong competency in the entire range of Microsoft and Java suite of technologies as well as the leading open source platforms.

Training and development

Change is the only constant thing in this ever emerging software industry and we invest a lot in constantly learning various current and future technologies that help us deliver best solutions to our clients. Our technology specialists keep updated with current and future trends, helping us design optimal product development solutions. Our excellent architecture skills and deep understanding of technical issues allow us to design the right architecture that ensures quick, cost-effective and future-safe solutions and helps us to troubleshoot technical issues quicker while reducing the development time drastically.

Mobile Technologies

In the modern day businesses, communication and an effective control over information is the key to success. PDAs/Mobile applications play a vital role in this aspect, as the need to connect to the people is rapidly growing now. That means Information needs to be omnipresent today. Needless to say, this is possible through instant access to real-time data using Wireless/Mobile Solutions.



Apple Iphone, Google Android, RIM Blackberry, Palm Pre Web OS, Microsoft Windows Mobile, Symbian, UIQ, Java, BREW, WAP


Cocoa C, VC++, Java, .Net compact framework, HTML, Carbide C++, J2ME, Java Script, WML


RIM JDE, Google Android SDK, Apple Iphone SDK, Palm Mojo SDK



Development Tools

Eclipse, NetBeans, MS Visual Studio, Xcode

Web Applications

When you surf the Internet, the first impression of a Web site is its design. Like, a nice storefront attracts more clients, a nice, elegant Web site design makes visitors want to linger. In other words, a website simply portrays the image of the company. By listening to you and understanding your needs we ensure that all website designing projects undertaken meet and exceed the client's expectations while delivering a higher ROI.



Apache, IIS, Tomcat




PHP, .Net, J2EE


MYSQL, SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access

Development Tools

MS Visual Studio, Dreamweaver, NetBeans, Eclipse


Open Source Technologies

The open source movement has already taken over the world of software technologies. With the widespread use of these open source products and projects, there has been a corresponding exponential increase in the service offerings related with open source software. With this prevalence of the Open Source revolution, ISOL offers open source software development as a part of our service offerings.


CMS Tools

Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, Cake PHP

Operating System

Linux (RedHat, Fedora, Mandrake, SuSe)


VirtueMart, Zen cart, Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter



Our database-consulting professionals possess extensive technical experience in application, network and environmental management, monitoring and tuning. Our database consulting services includes need assessment, software selection, application development, data conversion, project staffing along with training & support for the chosen database. From designing and vaulting new database systems to database tuning, to seamlessly maintaining large production systems, we work alongside our clients to provide reliable, scalable, high-performing database systems.


Database Expertise

Oracle, MYSQL, SQL Server, MS Access


Server and System Integration


Web Servers

Apache, IIS, Tomcat

Email Servers

Sendmail, IIS

File Servers

Samba, NFS


Shell, PHP

Webhosting automation

Plesk, cPanel, Ensim





MS Visio, Power Designer

Automated Testing

LoadRunner, WinRunner, Jameleon

Packaging & Distribution

Wise Installer, Nullsoft

UI Design

Adobe Photoshop

Version Control

Subversion, Microsoft VSS, Trek, CVS

Project Management

MS Project, Project Path, Redmine, Aakaar (in house project management system)

Bug Tracking

BugZilla, FogBugz, RT


Process Management


System Analysis and Design

UML, Use Case analysis, Business Object and Business Flows modeling, Requirements Specification design, OOD, Design Patterns


Test-driven development, model-driven development, early integration, automated building, testing and deployment


Testing (Functional, Integration, Regression, Load, Stress, Security, Usability), Reviews and Inspections

Quality Assurance Management of Budget, Schedule, Requirements, Risks, and Changes