How to use Twitter for business

I always used to wonder what this fuss about Twitter is. Everybody seemed to be using it and there was a rush to add the followers, posting links and what not. After trailing it for some days, I decided to find out what exactly it is and apart from the usual social networking and micro blogging blah blah, is there something really useful too. To my astonishment I found that Twitter is having a lot of hidden potential that we can cash on.

Before talking further about it, let me give you a brief background. The messages sent by Twitter called tweets have a limitation of 140 words. These 140 words act as micro blogs for our business, making the conversation fast paced. A well-structured and researched message can do wonders for us. What I particularly like about Twitter is that we can send such information which is honest-to-goodness, and less authoritative in tone.

Twitter is an easy method to update the customers about company products and deals. Suppose you are running a computer software company, and have developed a number of software. Now if you are a small organization or start up, ideally you would like to promote these with limited budget and resources. In such situations Twitter can help you a great deal. What you have to do is simply develop different kinds of profiles for your different software.  The overall benefit of creating so many profiles is that you get different types of connections for your different software. That makes it easy for you to know, whom to target for which deal. Moreover, it helps the customers to connect only to those profiles that contain information relevant to their interest, thus saving their time.

Twitter can also be used as alternative customer support information. When we used Twitter for this purpose, we focused mainly on three things:

•    Regular posting of new offers,
•    Regular participation in the threaded discussions
•    Instant feedback to customer queries.

From amongst them, regular participation in the threaded discussions brought maximum responses from the customers and other connections, which ultimately lead to the reading of new offers by them with renewed energy, and I think, this is what most of us aspire for.

While doing all this, we did use various third party applications like Twitter Search, Tweet Scan, Twellow etc.  and during the course, found some more ways in which these applications can be used to serve some of our business purposes.

Find people by name -   There are various applications to help you finding people by name and not by their e-mail ID’s. This will help you to know what people are talking about your competitors, or about you.  For e.g., if you want to know what your competitors are saying on Twitter, and how are people responding to them, just simply type “from: competitor name”, or “to: competitor name,” in these applications and you will get what you desire for. This helps in shaping and changing policies and procedures.

Search topic by interest – Then there are applications to search Twitter by topic of interest. Suppose you are voting for some computer software and you want to know what other Twitter users are saying about this software. In this case, you can use applications like TweetScan which will sift through thousands of Tweets looking for comments about that particular software and will return you with relevant comments. Thorough these comments you will get an idea of what others are thinking. This is the best way of knowing the real opinion of the public about your product or service.

Find people who share common interest - Applications like Twitter Troll helps us to find people within the tweets who share common interests. This ultimately helps us develop a network of people who can be of importance to our business, or who can be our potential customers.

The applications and methods that I have mentioned are just a few drops in the large ocean. There exists endless ways and applications that can be utilized to make productive use of Twitter. Your success with this will depend upon the proper utilization of these resources. Remember, what we do with Twitter decides what it will do to us. So use it intelligently and get benefited from it permanently.



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